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What is it like to learn Spanish online?

Is learning Spanish on your 2017 wishlist?

Have you tried looking for a class to attend but been unable to find anything at a time or location to suit you?

I found myself in a similar position during the summer last year.

I had spent 3 months in Tenerife on an intensive Spanish course, which was great as it helped me to understand the basics of the language.

When I returned to the UK I wanted to continue learning Spanish but I couldn't find a class that fit my lifestyle (daytime and flexible enough to accommodate travelling).

I then discovered Friendly Spanish's online classes.

Initially, I was sceptical and unsure if I wanted to learn Spanish online.

I was concerned that I would not have the same experience that I did at a group class.

However, the learning platform used by Friendly Spanish for their online classes gives me a similar classroom experience and working one-to-one with a tutor means I am speaking Spanish the entire time.

It also means I can ask questions without feeling self-conscious and as though I am taking up too much of the tutor's time.

As well as practising speaking throughout, each lesson we work on my reading, writing and listening skills, expanding my vocabulary and improving my grammar.

My tutor, Gustavo, is encouraging and supportive which makes learning Spanish online a positive experience. He even sets me homework at the end of each class!

If there is anything I am unsure of, I know that I can ask Gustavo and that he will use an alternative explanation or example to ensure I understand what I am learning.

This year I will be spending a lot of time in Spain, therefore I want to get to a level where I can comfortably and confidently have a conversation with locals.

When you first start learning a language, you can feel nervous and apprehensive when communicating, but because Gustavo is a native Spanish speaker, I have gained the confidence to speak Spanish aloud.

I am able to instantly put what I am learning into practice.

And, not only am I learning the Spanish language, I am developing an understanding of cultural habits and gestures that I would not necessarily be able to learn or understand from a textbook alone.

Online classes are flexible and convenient and whether I am in the UK or in Spain, as long as I have internet access, I can continue my weekly Spanish lessons without disruption.

I would definitely recommend learning Spanish online if you are unable to attend group classes and need a more flexible or tailored approach to learning.

Written by Leanne, a Friendly Spanish student. 

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