Bringing Classes to you

Helping to develop your learning and maximize your time.

Friendly Spanish provides bespoke online Spanish Classes either in small groups or private lessons. Learning Spanish in our virtual meeting room is easy, enjoyable and interactive.

For many of us, the numerous benefits of studying a language are apparent at a moment’s thought. Learning a second language can open many doors, from strengthening employment opportunities, or enhancing our understanding of the world around us, to helping us gain an ‘insider’ perspective of certain cultures.

Now more than ever, due to the influence of technology in our lives in the form of computers, tablets, or smartphones, we are surrounded by a wealth of information readily available at our fingertips. This increase in information has naturally seen numerous developments through which the internet has influenced the ways in which we can study a language.

We bring the classroom to your place

Here at Friendly Spanish we like to embrace technology in order to deliver a uniquely personal and accessible learning experience from the comfort of your own surroundings. Our user-friendly online classes offer the possibility to focus on specific areas that are tailored to students of differing needs and interests, either in a group or as individuals, at a time to suit the learner.

The importance of a live tutor in the learning process

In contrast to other online avenues of learning, such as those using computer programs or vocabulary based self-learning sites, Friendly Spanish recognizes and emphasizes the importance of a live tutor in the learning process. The presence of a tutor aids the development of the spoken element of the language, whilst also enhancing the personalized nature of our classes.

As well as offering classes for beginners, we also recommend online classes as a useful aid to those already enrolled in Spanish study programs, which can prove highly beneficial for university or college students.

No need for you to travel

Online classes can provide a welcome benefit for students wishing to avoid the rigors of travel, whilst maintain the option to study at their own pace, and still be able to engage with a tutor on a personal basis. Large classes don’t necessarily afford the opportunity to meet people, and as such can be impersonal – with our online group classes you will be assured the time and attention to ensure your progress.

Take your group on-line classes from any place, anywhere in the world

Beginning a class in our virtual meeting room is as easy as just clicking the ‘join’ button. Your Spanish teacher will appear on your screen, allowing you and your classmates to interact in real-time.

You can learn real-world Spanish with practical application, with direct and immediate access to your tutor, who will lead the class in an interactive environment and will give you instant feedback. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere that allows every student to receive the attention they deserve, and because it is important to us that students feel valued as individuals, we work only with small groups for each session.


The private classes with Friendly Spanish have been excellent; the classes have really helped me to improve my Spanish and my confidence in using it. I was not sure how a Spanish class would work online but after only a few minutes of trying I could see this was an excellent way to learn. The system is very easy to use and intuitive. The teacher is able to display notes to the left of the video and alter them (type text, draw on and highlight notes) in real time. The classes are always well prepared and conducted at a good pace; what's more I have access to the notes afterwards and don't need to worry about making my own notes during the class allowing me to focus entirely on learning. I am very grateful to Friendly Spanish for making this available and for helping me so much with my Spanish; I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see an improvement in their Spanish.
- Chris Mason
Last Wednesday I had another online group class and they are absolutely great - I love them! The teacher is superb and she comes well prepared every week with lots of useful online material. My group classes are really interactive and we can see and listen to each other, students and teacher. My Spanish is progressing brilliantly and also it is great fun - really impressive. Well done Friendly Spanish!
- Sophia Hardy