Prices for Group Spanish Classes

 Spanish for Beginners 1 (Intensive) 4 3hrs £160 N/A N/A
Spanish for Beginners 1 10 1.5hrs  £153 £168 £182
 Beginner Spanish 2 10 1.5hrs £153 £168 £182
 Beginners Spanish 3  10 1.5hrs £153 £168 £182
Beginners Semi-Intensive Spanish (A1)  5 2.5hrs £156 N/A N/A
 Intermediate Spanish (B1)  8 1.5hrs £159 £170 £182
Beginners Argentinian Spanish 10 1.5hrs £153 £168 £182
Advanced Argentinian Spanish 8 1.5hrs £160 £170 £182
General Spanish (Advanced) 8 1.5hrs £159 £170 £182
Spanish Proficiency 8 1.5hrs £159 £170 £182


Catch Up Classes

We offer either 30-minute or 60-minute catch-up classes.

These are a great option for people with busy schedules or those planning a holiday who may not be able to commit to attending all the group classes.

This session will be fully tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Catch-up Class x1

One 30-minute one-to-one class with your teacher to be used during your 8 or 10 week course.

Catch-up Class x2

Two 30-minute or one 60-minute one-to-one class with your teacher to be used during your 8 or 10 week course.

Additional catch-up classes can also be purchased as follows:

  • Single 30-minute one-to-one catch-up class: £18
  • Single 60-minute one-to-one catch-up class: £35

NB: If you do not need to use your catch-up class during your course, you can use it at the end of the block or we can offer you a full one-hour, one-to-one class if you booked Catch-up Class x2.

Payment Methods & Cancellation Policy

Classes must be paid in advance.

Courses can also be paid in two convenient instalments. The 1st payment is due before the 1st class and the 2nd payment is due by the day of your 4th class. (This is only applicable for standard fees.)

All payments can be made either by a bank transfer (preferably) or by cheque.

By making your payment you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

No refund will be made for classes that are not attended.

Classes are non-transferable to one block to another or one-to-one classes.

Catch-up classes are non-transferable from one block to another. We require 24 hours for cancellation of catch-up classes, otherwise the class is forfeit.


I enjoy my lessons with ‘Friendly Spanish’, they are fun and relaxed as well as rewarding. The lessons are adaptable to meet my own requirements while the speed at which I personally learn dictates the pace and approach of the teacher in each session. Having started with the basics I look forward to extending my vocabulary, improving my confidence and possibly tailoring some lessons to my area of employment.
- Michael King
Media Professional
I am a fund manager in the city and have worked with the Friendly Spanish Team for some years. The classes are tailored to the needs of each student, and mine have changed over a lot the last couple of years. Whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish, and my only reason was to be able to communicate on my travels, each teacher adjusts the lessons to achieve your aims.
- Silvia Wendlinger
Fund Manager