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Learning Spanish is an exciting and enriching experience that will open up new countries, cultures and ways of life to you. So join a vibrant, growing community and start discovering Spanish today!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn the language – to enhance your trip to Spain or Latin America, to converse with a Spanish-speaking partner, to explore Hispanic films and literature, or simply for the thrill of learning a new language – we have the perfect Spanish course for you.

Our Spanish language courses: learning through communication

Our courses aim to develop your ability to use and understand Spanish in real life situations. We teach all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an emphasis on speaking and listening. You will also learn about the social and cultural contexts in which Spanish is used.

We use a variety of regularly updated and engaging course materials – from in-house handbooks to authentic Spanish texts at higher levels – designed to stimulate and inspire students. Our lively teachers will motivate you and make sure you have a lot of fun as you progress!

Group courses

Group classes are perfect for people who enjoy learning with and from others in a friendly, relaxed yet focused environment.

One-to-one courses

One-to-one tuition is ideal if you have specific personal goals that you wish to achieve, like to learn at your own pace, or prefer individual attention from the teacher.

All our group and one-to-one courses include the following:

Crash courses

Our three-week intensive course consists of 9 hours spread over 3 hours per class.

These courses are designed for people who want to learn the basics of speaking Spanish in a short space of time. We aim to get you communicating simply but effectively in a wide range of day-to-day situations such as travelling, asking for directions, arranging accommodation and ordering in restaurants. Fast paced yet fun, this course will help you to ask for much more than “dos cervezas, por favor” on your trip to Spain or Latin America!

Conversation classes

Our conversation classes focus exclusively on improving your oral communication skills. You will have the opportunity to practise your spoken Spanish in small groups with other students of similar ability. The teacher will guide students with stimulating speaking activities that will help you to speak Spanish confidently and naturally. During each session, you will receive feedback on your pronunciation and use of vocabulary.


I enjoy my lessons with ‘Friendly Spanish’, they are fun and relaxed as well as rewarding. The lessons are adaptable to meet my own requirements while the speed at which I personally learn dictates the pace and approach of the teacher in each session. Having started with the basics I look forward to extending my vocabulary, improving my confidence and possibly tailoring some lessons to my area of employment.
- Michael King
Media Professional
I am a fund manager in the city and have worked with the Friendly Spanish Team for some years. The classes are tailored to the needs of each student, and mine have changed over a lot the last couple of years. Whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish, and my only reason was to be able to communicate on my travels, each teacher adjusts the lessons to achieve your aims.
- Silvia Wendlinger
Fund Manager