I enjoy my lessons with ‘Friendly Spanish’, they are fun and relaxed as well as rewarding. The lessons are adaptable to meet my own requirements while the speed at which I personally learn dictates the pace and approach of the teacher in each session. Having started with the basics I look forward to extending my vocabulary, improving my confidence and possibly tailoring some lessons to my area of employment.
- Michael King
Media Professional
I am a fund manager in the city and have worked with the Friendly Spanish Team for some years. The classes are tailored to the needs of each student, and mine have changed over a lot the last couple of years. Whatever your reasons are for learning Spanish, and my only reason was to be able to communicate on my travels, each teacher adjusts the lessons to achieve your aims.
- Silvia Wendlinger
Fund Manager
I am Alejandra’s youngest student at 17, but she has been teaching me for around 3 years. She has been great at adapting to my syllabus and requirements for my exams and thanks to her effort I attained an A* at GCSE, and A at AS. Our lessons are always flexible which is perfect for me, and she is quick to adapt to any new problems that I encounter. I really enjoy our 1.5 hour sessions as they are always light-hearted and “divertidos” and whether my problems are in grammar or literature I always feel like I have improved by the end of our lesson.
- Rosa Goodman
Beginners group course
What I love about my classes with Friendly Spanish is the variety of interesting topics (recently, for example, the Spanish Civil War, slavery, definitions of art) interspersed with music and literature and games, which make learning grammar natural and enjoyable. The atmosphere of one-to-one is informal, friendly and flexible, but at the same time very professional, especially in the seamless way the various materials follow on from each other. I look forward to my class every week and even enjoy the homework!
- Barbara Sherington
Intermediate group course
We very much enjoyed our class with Ivonne yesterday. It was very structured and she followed a lesson plan. She spoke in Spanish the whole time but was very clear. She included everyone in the class and we covered quite a bit of speaking, writing and exercises in Pasos Dos.
- Claire
Intermediate group course
The first lesson was very useful! We learnt how to make a mini conversation with each other, which none of us did expect at all from a first lesson! The (repeating after the teacher) process proved to be ideal to remember how to pronounce the Spanish words correctly. I really enjoyed it. Planning to attend every night class and would definitely attend an advanced level
- Mona
Beginners group course
“I’ve just finished a series of private lessons with Javier and I wanted to say thank you for a great experience. He listened to what I wanted to learn and tailored lessons specifically to that. He was always on time and happy to spend a few extra minutes at the end if we were in the middle of something. And he’s just a great teacher!
- Joe
one-to-one student
I really enjoy my lessons with Alejandro. He’s very supportive, helpful and good at picking up on errors – making sure that I know how to correct them. He always manages to pitch the speed of the class perfectly. It’s fun and I really do feel that I am making progress. I’m pleased to have more confidence in speaking Spanish
- Laura
one-to-one student
We’re loving the classes together and enjoy Alejandro’s open style and freedom around exploring words and phrases I want to investigate ready for my many business trips to Spain
- Kay and Martin
one-to-one student
Harry’s first session was great! Ivonne was lovely and Harry is already feeling more positive about his Spanish improving, she was so encouraging – we are very happy!
- Rebekah
Mother of G.C.S.E. student